Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where did the character’s names come from?

Today I thought I’d reveal how I came up with some of the characters names. Some of these are obvious and a few will be omitted, as that would give away a plot-point that might be revealed in the future.
  • Aedon is our main character and is a derivative of Adam which simply means man.
  • Faeraud was created from Feodore (meaning intense), Fraud, Façade, Roderick (meaning leader) and Roydan (meaning royal).
  • Ausethen is a combination of Austin (meaning useful) and Seth (meaning appointed). Seth is also the name of my nephew, whom my mother thinks has my eyes.
  • Ahteana came from Athena (meaning wise), Anna (meaning graceful), and the Greek goddess Athene, a child of Zeus who was always close to those she helped.
  • Cleacious was derived from Clematis, meaning clinging.
  • Yenocha is from Yedda (meaning strict) and Enoch (meaning teacher).
  • Gilgamoeh comes from Mesopotamian Mythology ‘s Gilgamesh who is believed to be the same man as the biblical Noah (meaning restful).
  • King Yaswhen is a hybrid of the Hebrew word for God (Yahweh) and Aslan in Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Peter the Parrot was inspired by my parakeet, named Peter. When he returned home after my vacation, he had an attitude mimicking and copying the other Parrots he was sat next to at the bird store. For a month he had this cocky attitude, thinking that he was a big parrot instead of a tiny parakeet.
  • Prince Evad comes from the name of one of my student videos when I attended USC School of Cinematic Arts. It is also DAVE backwards.

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