Thursday, November 22, 2012

Benzodiazepine and Podophyllum

In the second chapter, we learn that Faeraud has knowledge of drugs and how to use them. He uses Benzodiazepine to put the guarding owls to sleep. Later, when he discovers that Evad’s fur factory uses the Mayapple as an ingredient to sheen his furs, he quickly realizes that the Mayapple is being produced from a valley of umbrella-like Podophyllum plants. Another byproduct of the plant (besides the Mayapple) is Podohyllotoxin.  You might say so what? Well,  the two are quite different. While Mayapple is not poisonous but would certainly cause digestion, Podohyllotoxin is what is used in gel to treat warts and certainly might kill one.

Near the ending of the book ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT centers around the fact that Gilgamoeh’s wine is poisoned and this is what is causing Lemech to be sick. One might ask why no one else has gotten sick from the vineyard? Even though the book explains that the special wine was made only for Lemech, it might be wise to suspect that someone else particularly poisoned the actual bottle(s) and not the entire vineyard.

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