Sunday, November 18, 2012

What is with Areshia’s Sandals?

From the first book, “ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT,” we know that something is going on with Areshia and her sandals. In the first chapter Yapet knocks off one the ornamental globeakys attached to it, and Aedon remarks about how expensive they appear. Then when she jumps off the Tebah Vessel, she begs Yapet to throw her the sandals back. Later on, in the Agglomeration Forest, she refuses to trade them for warmer footwear.  When she briefly reunites with Yapet at his cabin, he swaps out the globeaky attached to one of the sandals.

It might be important to watch which foot is where, and also take note at how Areshia crosses her legs sometimes. The chapter that solves the mystery of the sandals was originally included in an earlier draft of FALL OF THE GODS; however, I felt that there was something more to be built upon this sub plot. So, the mystery of the sandal has been all but completely removed from the upcoming second novel – but you can be assured that it will return and be solved in the final installment RISE OF THE NILE.

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