Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chordata Queen of the Owls

She can be seen passively or in a couple small spots of the first book ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT, bit what part does she have in the sequel, FALL OF THE GODS? She seems to be in cohorts with Faeraud.

The owl is used throughout the book as a witness. Chordata never actually replays a memory or witness, but she seems to be there, prompting what others might see and/or interpreting what they might have seen. While she is Queen of the Owls and adorns her fashion, she behaves more like a ground warrior, making sure the dirty details are taken care of. I’ve often wondered how she became Queen of the Owls and I suspect there is quite and interesting back story that might be developed someday.

For those who are dying to know what part she plays in the next novel, I’ll just say that once again she is instrumental in helping Faeraud in his quest for the Scroll of Fire, and it’s a dirty job she’s got to do.

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