Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bearer of Fruit’s Geography Lesson

The first novel starts out at a slower pace  than the second. This is due in part to the need to orient the reader with the new world they have just entered. Chapter Three (Leaving Sahada) gives you a glimpse at one of the continents surrounding Atlantis, moves you across its southern end, and drops you at its western islands. Chapter Six (Voyage to Atlantis) gives you some insight into how the provinces (or etruscans) are divided up. It also introduces you to its largest city, Tyrrhenian, located between the southern etruscan Mestor and the northern territory of Ampheres. Just in case any of these directions have you slightly confused, a map has been included in each volume as a reference.

There are many theories and archeological finds that place Atlantis in various locations all over the world. An absolute verified location for this lost continent remains for a future generation to discover. That said, I have purposely designed the maps and descriptions with ambiguous terms, leaving it up to the reader to determine in their own opinion  where the continent might have been located. While I drew my version of the actual continent from one of the oldest surviving maps (1669) showing Atlantis and its islands, I did not include the same surrounding continents, which place it in the Atlantic Ocean. Instead, I used vague surrounding continents which may also be in keeping with some biblical-scholar's beliefs that the continents were in different formations prior to the world-wide flood.

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