Saturday, November 17, 2012

Areshia's Nightmare

So authors are supposed to have a blog, I’ve been told. Guess what you are reading now? Correct!

Since 2005 I have been on a journey writing a trilogy of Atlantis Novels. I plan to use this blog as a record of my journey, a chronicle – which will not be in any kind of chronological order. I will share how different ideas, themes, characters, and plot points came into being in the novels. Some of this has been a spiritual journey, part of it my God-given creativity, and the rest simply inspired by events around me.

TODAY’S SHARE: In the second novel, “ATLANTIS: FALL OF THE GODS” in chapter two, Areshia is asked why she is closing the blinds in the living room and hiding a gorgeous view outside. She goes on to explain that when she was a little girl, she used to have this terrible nightmare. The nightmare she explains I actually had in 2007. I immediately recognized the nightmare as making a terrific chapter in the final book “RISE OF THE NILE” and added the idea to my outline for that book. Later, I decided to foreshadow the event by weaving it into the preceding novel.  Since I’ve only recently begun writing “RISE OF THE NILE,” it remains to be seen if the nightmare really does come to pass or not.

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