Monday, December 3, 2012

Prince Evad’s Laugh

Today’s Trivia Question is: Do you know where Prince Evad got his high-pitched laugh from?

Many times throughout the series, Evad’s high-pitched laugh is heard. Aedon even has to cover his ears once. So where did this laugh come from? While the novel never tells, one might make an educated guess. Prince Evad is in charge of the Tundra Fur Factory. In ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT we visit this factory in the chapter titled The Carroting Vat. Hundreds of Tundra Voles operate the looms that  make the furs. The voles, whose job it is to stir the bath of chemicals, squeak out hyper-active Vee sounds. Seems like Evad may have developed his laugh from here.

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