Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas in Atlantis

If you read a chapter about a two-day celebration where people exchanged gifts, what holiday would come to mind? Most people would think of Christmas. In the novel ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT, the holiday celebration called the Day of Apaturia renders hints of this beloved holiday.

One of the traditions borrowed includes a gift exchange. Early in the book, Aedon and Areshia plan to buy and exchange gifts on that day. A big feast is served the day before at an event called the Eve of Apaturia Dinner, which sounds a lot like a Christmas Eve Dinner. At the dinner, it makes mention of deserts made from fruit and cream. Could this be pumpkin pie and ice cream?

At the big celebration there is a parade and the place is overwhelmed by merchants selling goods. Could this be an idea inspired by Macy’s Christmas Parade and Black Friday shopping?
One of the characters sings a chorus with a line that says, “Gifts from the North we bring.” Again, similar to our own tradition where Santa arrives from the North Pole with a bundle of presents. Oh, and did you catch the line in there about a hundred reindeer flying over in the sky – right at the same time the gifts are given?

How many more similarities can you come up with?

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