Monday, December 17, 2012

Atlantis Secret Society

In ATLANTIS: BEARER OF FRUIT, Faeraud organizes a secret bond with Aedon and Ausethen. Having never been a member or invited to participate in such, I wasn’t sure how to authentically create the idea for the novel. So, I turned to the internet. There was no shortage of research there. I found it astounding, just how much information was available about things that were supposedly a secret. Why there are even YouTube videos showing how to perform secret handshakes.

Using WikiHow’s cute article titled, How to Create a Secret Society, my chapter called A Secret Organization was born. I replaced the secret handshake with a finger-locking promise and expanded on the idea of robes by placing such as an item they all covet. Did you notice the candles in the chapter? Every secret initiation has to have candles; why it’s rule number four.

The directions for this were followed by two warnings: (1) have prepared answers for friends who find out about it, but weren’t invited; and (2) delete this web page from your browser history so nobody suspects. But they forgot the most important question of all: If you make a secret promise or oath, who is going to enforce it and how? The answer to such a situation, you just might find in ATLANTIS: FALL OF THE GODS which is scheduled to be released on February 13, 2013.

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