Saturday, May 4, 2013

Clues in Papyrus Four

On the journey to the Island of Gadeirus in Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit (papyrus four) we learn that Aedon flies a Delta-transporter which is powered from an invisible power grid which radiates from a distant pyramid. He also carries an emergency supply of orichalcum (energy) in case the grid goes down. Last thing he wants is to end up in a tailspin, diving into the ocean. All of his worst fears are paid off in the first papyrus (chapter) in Atlantis: Fall of the Gods.

Back to the first book: When we meet Curious Cain at the plaza, he makes a remark which is a reference about being his brother’s keeper. This remark was inserted as a motif reminiscent of the Cain and Able story. Could this be the same Cain?

This chapter also tells us about Aedon’s missing eyebrow. Someone else also has a missing set of eyelashes. Any guesses? A hint in the right direction would be to read the papyrus titles Poeku’s Ladder in the second book.

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