Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Mountain of Gifts

So what inspired this excerpt? Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit – Book One – Chapter 15 – page 186.
His whole life, Aedon had looked forward to the Day of Apaturia, to the time he would finally be acknowledged as a true son. He had dreamt of this day every night since he was a little boy. He had visions of Gilgamoeh placing his arms around him and finally saying, “Welcome home, son.” He had dreams that Gilgamoeh had secretly bought him gifts for every Day of Apaturia from decades past, while he was growing up, and that he had saved all those gifts. In his fantasy, the day that he was announced to be his son, Gilgamoeh came forward rejoicing and presented him with a mountain of gifts that was higher than even the dome of the Spiral Legislature.

 When I was an age which enrolled me in elementary school, I used to have this reoccurring nightmare about being in a comma for twenty years and then waking up, having missed all of my birthday and Christmas gifts. I would start to cry and then my mother would take me to this round storage room. The walls were all glass and it stretched three stories high. When I walked into the room there were wrapped gifts piled all the way up to the ceiling. They had bought and saved each gift for all those years.
Later, when I was in college, I had the chance to visit union square in San Francisco near Christmastime. There was a department store with a large round lobby and in the center of it, there was a pile of gifts stretching three stories high just like in my childhood dream. I never forgot the experience and no doubt made it way in the conscious imagination of Aedon in Atlantis.

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